Glamour Tips – Makeup and Skin Care

You don’t need one but Special Events are a great opportunity to get your glam on!

Whenever you want to feel extra special on that evening out or your best glamorous look is required for that special event, today’s best beauty products can take your everyday look to the next level and prepare you for even the most glamorous events.
Popular celebrities and so called A-listers are not necessarily blessed with good genes. Today’s Stars use a team of makeup artists and stylists to prepare there look for special occasions such as red carpet events. The great news is there is a wide variety of skin and makeup products that you can use to glamorize yourself for your own red carpet events.

There are lots of easy tricks to create volumizing curls that are long-lasting and great skincare products that will give you an instant facelift and let you look your best and create a look that will last all day and night.

You don’t need to use a special occasion as an excuse to look your best, a combination of the most modern makeup and skincare products will produce a more youthful antiaging look that will allow you to feel confident.

Great beauty products will give you an extra boost and be simple enough for you to incorporate them into your skin care and makeup daily routine.

Keep reading below to discover my favorite simple beauty tips to produce a more glamorous you.

  1. A great trick that works to reduce fine lines is to use a concealer to trick your fine lines blend them across lines and creases and not along them.
  2. If your skin is in need of some serious plumping try a good quality oil free serum
  3. mineral water facial sprayAlways keep a can of Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray handy to cool down and refresh your makeup.
  4. Remove your tired and dull looking skin to unveil your youthful glow by using a radiant scrub use twice a week in preparation for your special night out or event.
  5. Applying eyeliner along the base of your lashes produces great fullness, a gel liner blends better than liquid liners, use your finger or a small brush to apply a little bit of smudging.
  6. I was just reading a quote from a hair and beauty stylist’s favorite saying is hot rollers are indispensable but they must be very hot and allow to cool completely before you remove them.
  7. For your lower lashes miscarriage makes your eyes look bigger, just in case the night might get emotional leading to a tear or two be sure to choose a waterproof mascara.
  8. After your shower, while your skin is still damp, apply a top quality body lotion with a nice scent
  9. I was just reading a blog from a famous makeup artist that said that primers are godsend. She recommended using one will allow your ordinary foundation last longer many of the new foundations dry to a powder finish and require the use of blotting sheets to remove excess oil the product mentioned was a re-texturizing primer.
  10. Self Tanner’s can be scary to use before your big glamorous event, OMG what if my tan doesn’t look even, a self-tan formatted as a mousse will usually get the job done without revealing telltale marks.

Mineral Water Spray Info

Preparing for your special occasion can take a little practice, remember to think about what kind of light will be available at the event candlelight, daylight? Be sure to check your looking the mirror and make sure it looks good as you think is does, maybe take a photograph or shoot a video of yourself to see how it looks and make sure all your makeup products are working together.